5 August 2012

Old friend, why are you so shy?

Green camo jacket (similar), black skinny jeans & black patent loafers: TOPSHOP | Plain white tee: ZARA | White round sunglasses & green beanie hat: ASOS

I bought the hat and the sunglasses recently so I couldn't wait to put them on.  I mean, I look like Wally from 'Where's Wally?' with a giant condom on his head (cue lots of traffic from people googling 'condom' related things), but hey, maybe that's totally the look I was going for.  A beanie hat is something which I've wanted for quite a while after seeing a few bloggers rocking them, including India, but I haven't been able to find the perfect one.  Until Topshop got them in stock, but they went back out of stock a couple of days later, oh... But fortunately, ASOS put this awesome one on their site (they also have a black one ) for half of Topshop's price.  Winner.  I love the colour because I am really digging the military trend this (er, NEXT) season, so I couldn't ask for much more in a hat, really.
The glasses are pretty damn awesome.  They're out there, but I love that about them.  I have been meaning to start a collection of cool, unique sunglasses for a while now, and these were the perfect ones to begin with.  I think them alone make the outfit much more fun, I think they'd look equally as good with a summer dress and a pair of my Converse.  I'd definitely check ASOS out if you're after some cool sunnies as there are lots in the sale at the moment.  I've actually bought a few things from there (and maybe a couple of other places, too...) so I might post a haul tomorrow and show you everything is my parcel comes.
I've had a nice, chilled weekend.  I watched 'Seven Pounds' on Friday night.  I've seen it before but I still ended blubbing.  SUCH a good film though, I really recommend it if you haven't seen it.  Will Smith is in it, need I say more?  I also spent some time with my dad and brother today and went to see my gran, and then sat out in the back garden which was nice.  Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!
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  1. you are making me desperate for a cameo jacket! and i'm loving your beanie hat :D x


  2. Awesome glasses and love your camo jacket!


  3. hey,

    I just stumbled across your blog, and I absolutely love it! The layout and your style are absolutely perfect! I particularly love this outfit-that jacket is so cool, and your sunglasses are the stuff of dreams. You look fantastic. I am your newest, most avid fan. could you check out my blog at www.rogue-collection.blogspot.com as well? I would love to follow each other. thanks:)

  4. Argh! I can't wait to go all out on the army trend as soon as the weather turns cold! It's really hot here in Switzerland so I would end up sweating my tits off in a gorgeous camo jacket like yours :( I will just have to wait haha. But babe, you are rocking the condom hat look!!

    Bemsy x

    1. Well maybe that's one good thing about English weather being crappy all year round! And thanks so much, I have ALWAYS wanted to be one of those people who could pull off the condom look.