8 August 2012

Wishful Wednesday

1.  I love the colour of this skirt.  Great for all-year-round-weather, enough said.
2.  It's got studs on it.  Again, enough said.
3.  These earrings are totally cute, in a weird sort of way.  I love how they 'hang on' to your ears.  They add a little bit of fun to any outfit.
4.  It's two rings, IN ONE.  Love.
5.  I am really digging this shirt.  It ticks off the military trend, which am LOVING, but in a subtle way.
6.  Just, how cool is this top?
8.  Ever since the release of TDKR movie I've seen lots of Batman-inspired items, and this bag is just too cool for school.  Nothing says 'geek chic' more than this.
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  1. just love the studded jumpers & shirt! <3