6 August 2012

Shopping haul

Jukebox print shirt (out of stock!), green beanie hat, white round sunglasses, cat ears lace headband (also out of stock!) & blue skater dress: ASOS

I saw my dad yesterday and he didn't even need to ask what I've been doing over the past week, he said 'Let me guess Dem, you've been on your computer, shopping?'.  Hmm, maybe this is becoming an issue.
I very rarely do shopping hauls as I never give myself the chance to save up enough money to buy lots of things at once (as in over a week or so), but I bought hardly anything last month so when I got some money in my bank last week I just thought 'Oh what the heck' and went a little bit crazy.  Thankfully I've bought a nice variety of things rather than a collection of dress or tops, etc.  I've said before that I'm much more of a 'top-half' kind of shopper, so I practically forced myself to buy some bottom-half things (although I gave in pretty easily).  ASOS is my favourite online shop, there's nothing that can win me over more than the choice of free delivery, I actually think a lot more stores should offer this, but then again I'd be skint for like the rest of my life, so perhaps it's a good thing.  I also bought a few things from Zara because that also has free standard shipping on at the moment, I don't really know why, but hey, I ain't complaining.  The coated skirt is actually on sale for £7.99(!) at the moment, so if you're interested - BUY IT, BUY IT NOW.  I think my favourite of the lot is the jukebox print shirt which I just had to buy after seeing it on Olivia, but I haven't had the chance to try much more of the stuff on yet so I can't really say.  Which do you like?
So there you have it, buying these things actually left my with no more than three pounds to my name, but thanks to people buying some of my stuff on my eBay I'll now be able to do even MORE online shopping.  I have an addiction, yes, but I look frikkin' fabulous (daaaahling), so it's okay.


  1. Seriously you have the best skater dresses, blue is my favourite colour this month! I want it!
    And the shirt's print is adorable.xx

  2. love love the fur jacket and the shirt!! <333