10 August 2012

Friday Favourites

I get style inspiration from several places but the main sources of my inspiration are fashion blogs, and without them I wouldn't have started mine. I catch up with them everyday and I don't only admire their pictures but I read what they have to say because I love finding out where they got theirinspiration from for that particular outfit. This is where my fashion inspiration has come from this week, so they deserve at least a little bit of credit!

1. I love the pop of neon, black lace was the perfect addition to the skirt.  And check out that necklace!
2. Creepers, a simple dress and a beanie hat.  I LOVE.  Plus, I think flashing a bit of backage is just the right amount of sexy.
3. The girlie, dusty-pink dress looks amazing with the darker pieces, especially the snug knitwear.
4. The dress is quite feminine due to the long length and the sheer skirt, and the studded jacket and the boots toughen the oufit up perfectly.
5. A leather jacket, a tee and denim cut-off shorts.  Where can one go wrong?
6. This is like, my ideal outfit.  I am in love with this Wildfox skeleton top, and the shoes inject a nice pop of colour.  Very nicely done.
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  1. Love this inspiration so much! Perfect!

    www.biancaallegra.com xx

  2. some gorgeous outfits here! in love with the first outfit <333


  3. I love your friday favourites! I always discover some great blogs and style inspiration thanks to you.

    Bemsy x

  4. I always love these posts from you, definitely gives me some inspiration! x