22 August 2012

Wishful Wednesday

1.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, a checkered shirt is a wardrobe staple.  Do I have one already?  Yes.  Can you have too many?  Hell nawww.
2. An awesome statement piece of jewellery but not too in-your-face.  Love it.
3. I don't own one of these ring chain bracelets, but they're everywhere at the moment so I couldn't help adding this to my wishlist.
4. This is probably a stupidly impractical top.  I mean, you can't wear a bra with it, really, but then you risk flashing some nip-nip... I still sort of, kind of, really like it, though.
5. The perfect addition to a simple tee/dress.
6. After seeing Kim wearing these amazing jeans yesterday I wanted them straight away, a great alternative to your average pair of blue skinnies.
7. How do I not have some creeper-style shoes yet?  They are pretty controversial, but I'm definitely on the 'LOVE 'EM!' side.  My mum has bought some off eBay though, which are currently on their way... Muuuuuuum?  *flutters eyelashes*
8. Perfact jacket for winter.  Yesssss.
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  1. Loving the bracelet and the jeaaans <3


  2. lovee that river island jacket! they've got some amazing a/w stuff in there at the moment :)


  3. Ahhh lovely picks. I pretty much want EVERYTHING. Especially the shirt and jeans. Such a super classy casual outfit. Cannot wait till Autumn is in full flow so I can embrace all these clothes

    Gemma x


  4. Such great picks. Love the checked shirt, the jeans and biker jacket :)

    Jo. x