1 August 2012

July Recap

I have done hardly any shopping this month so the only new things since last month are the red daisy print dress, stocking tights and the floral headband.  Result.  Although I didn't blog for a week at the beginning of July due to something which I'm going to call the 'Christian Grey phase', but I dragged myself out of it and managed to get back to posting a new outfit nearly every day.  Fashion blogging is definitely a challenge that way, but I can't say it's one which I don't enjoy.  Do you have a favourite?  I think mine is the pink jeans and the camo jacket.  Note to self: buy more silly headbands.
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  1. I really like the pink jeans/peplum top combo and the red dress with your leather jacket. Think I like all of them though, wish I could go for a month without shopping much too! Haha:)

    Charlotte xoxo

    1. Thank you! And I made it up for it last night and spent all of my money on Zara and ASOS. I regret nothing.

  2. I love what you wear, I can't choose my favourite! :)