3 November 2012

You sit there in your heartache

Yellow roll neck jumper, denim skater skirt & green pom-pom hat: TOPSHOP | Gold chunky chain necklace: ASOS |

I really like the colour of this jumper.  It's bright, almost fluorescent, which probably isn't the first colour which you'd buy a jumper in, but it was for me.  Another great thing about it is how snug and oversized it is.  If one was crazaaaay enough to buy a jumper in this neon hue for their winter wardrobe, they probably would tone it down with black items.  Moi?  Nope.  I just kept on adding colour, see: blue denim-look skirt and green hat, plus statement necklace.  Oh, and then bright blue Converse.  Standard.  Just add some nail varnish in another bright colour and you're ready to go.  I am all for wearing all black and looking as chic as hell, but sometimes I find it's nice to go the other way, stick your tongue out at the cold season and just opt for colour, colour, colour.
I did spend a lot on this jumper (it is from Topshop, after all) a couple of months ago, but I don't regret the purchase one bit as I have worn it so many times since and will continue to do so.  I think it will look equally as wicked teamed with a simple pair of skinny jeans and my black faux fur gil├ęt.
Hope you're all having a nice weekend so far?  I spent yesterday inside watching Jurassic Park with my brother (yes, I did buy the box set) and spent some more time with him today.  I've also now seen the trailer for 'Life of Pi' which I can already tell is going to be my favourite film of all time.  I bought the book years and years ago when I was in America simply because there was a tiger on the front, only I haven't gotten round to reading it yet, but I can't put it off now I know there's a film coming out.  So. Excited.  I am also looking forward to the release of 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' which looks AWESOME.
I'm off to my aunty's soon with my mum to watch  standard Saturday night television and eat some pasta.  Sorted.


  1. converse sneakers..just the best thing on the world ♥ cute!

  2. I love this outfit, specialy the yellow jumper! I really like your blog, if you're interested in following each other, it would be a pleasure! Love, D.