2 November 2012

Friday Favourites: Halloween

Ah, Halloween!  It is over now, for another year, but I couldn't resist showing you my favourites.  I didn't have any plans this year so didn't dress up (sob) but I've had lots of fun seeing everyone else's looks and how much effort they've put into it.  If I was to dress up I'd definitely do the last one!  I also think doing your face as a Mexican/candy skull is a REALLY great idea, too.

1. Probably the most simple look, but really effective.  I actually really like this dress.
2. Black lipstick, black balloons and a skeleton tee.  Easy to recreate, I love it.
3. A long gown and skull make-up, such a good idea!  So it IS possible to look good on Halloween.
4. I adore the attention to detail in this look: the spiders, the cobwebs, everything.  Her hair looks amazing with it all, too.
5. I like how this isn't all about scary and yet still really creative.  I think it's great how she's holding a candle, too.
6. Aaaah this is SO good!  The make-up and the hair are awesome.
7. I'm always impressed when people make their own costumes!  It really does look like the cartoon character she was dressing up as, too.
8. Who knew someone could look SO cool, in their Halloween costume?  Damn.

Oh, and I can't not mention how much I also loved Jenna Marbles' costume - her and her boyfriend went as Chazz and Jimmy from the end of 'Blades of Glory', and they both helped to make the costumes, effing GENIUS.  If you haven't seen the video, watch it here.
And they have been my favourites this year!  I must say, I'm surprised that I've seen no one dressed as Sandy from the last scene in Grease due to the current obsession with disco pants, I mean, that must be an easy option, right?!
Did you dress up this year?  What did you go as?  I'd love to see!  My brother went as Lance Armstrong and wore a carboard sign around his neck saying 'Will race 4 drugs', because it's 'topical'.
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  1. such a great inspiration! thanks for it:) great photos..really ♥


  2. Just found your blog through Twitter and so glad I did, love it!

    I especially love this post, Halloween is my favourite time of year so it's great to see some other blogging beauties getting into the spirit and you've introduced me to some fab new blogs.