24 November 2012

Dear Santa...

(From left-right, top-bottom)

Nike blazer trainers £65 ASOS | 'Looking for Alaska' £4.19 AMAZON | Constellation globe £30 URBAN OUTFITTERS | Black Converse £45 SCHUH | Studded bag £40 TOPSHOP | Robin slipper socks £6 TOPSHOP |
River Island rose gold watch
£25 ASOS | Rihanna print sweater £30 RIVER ISLAND | Bulldog print cushion cover £20 URBAN OUTFITTERS | Vegan Dr. Martens £115 AMAZON | Skullcandy headphones £31.60 AMAZON | Lana Del Rey album £3.99 AMAZON | Dermalogica travel kit £18.99 EBAY | Batman trilogy £24.70 AMAZON | Oversized pj tee £22 TOPSHOP | Lace bra £12.99 H&M | Coated skinny jeans £46 WAREHOUSE | Photocrafty book £14.95 URBAN OUTFITTERS | Lace knickers £5.99 H&M

So here is my completely average sized Christmas list (ahem).  I've been building it up over the last few weeks and there's a combination of items I've wanted for ages (Dr Martens, Nike Blazers...) and things I've recently spotted (Rihanna jumper, the pj tee).  After asking my mum if I could she's basically given me an amount of money to get the stuff myself, as long as she can wrap it, of course.  So I'm not sure which of these I'm going to choose yet, but there will definitely be a few off here.  I think the rest of my family will be giving me money as well so I'll probably use that to get some of the other things left over.  I think a few definites are the Rihanna jumper, the 'The Dark Knight' trilogy (d'uh!), the rose gold watch and probably the constellation globe because I really like it and once it goes out of stock I don't think I'll ever find something similar to it again.  I also REALLY want some ridiculously skinny leather-look trousers (not leggings, people) so if you could recommend any for less than £46 that would be AWESOME.
I only recently smelt the Lady Gaga perfume in a magazine advert.  I'm not a Lady Gaga fan, and I'm not interested in celebrity perfumes other than Rihanna's, but when I smelt this I fell in love straight away so I won't deny it.  Plus, it's cheaper than the Dolce & Gabbana one I want, so that's a bonus.
So there you go, my Christmas list!  Do you want any of the same things?  What's the main things on your list this year?  I'd love to hear some!  And I think we could all do with the penguin slipper socks from Topshop, how wicked are they?  Also, if you want to help me and tell me what I should choose from this list, that would be much appreciated...

P.S. I just worked out the sum of all these: £561.40.  And that's before I've added my camera and lens for £500.  Oh sweet jesus.
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  1. i really wanna try the lady gaga perfume, does it smell good?
    ahhhh i want those jeans too! they're beautiful, and surprisingly cheap.

    1. It smells SO good. I mean, everyone has their personal smell or whatever, but I really like it.
      And I know right?! I think they'll be added to my 'definite' list.

  2. I love the Topshop bag and the jeans! Will definitely have to go try the Lady Gaga perfume xx

  3. What an awesome Xmas list!! xx