21 November 2012

Wishful Wednesday

1. Blue cable knit sleeve jumper £39 MISS SELFRIDGE | 2. Grey glitter skater dress £19.99 ARK |
Blue velvet dungarees £38 TOPSHOP | 4. Fur trim khaki coat with PU sleeves £95 ASOS |
Printed long sleeve top £25.99 ZARA | 6. Black stripe mesh jumper £39 MISS SELFRIDGE

1. I think cobalt blue is my favourite colour to wear, however I don't think I own anything in this colour.  Say whaaaat?  I like how it's just the sleeves which are the cable knit rather than the whole jumper.
2. I like the colour of this, and who can resist a bit of glitter and sparkle when Christmas is getting closer and closer?  With a grey smokey eye and my purple Converse I can definitely see this working.
3. This is a really unique piece as dungarees are usually denim as you probably know but the velvet material definitely amps up the luxe factor.  I would wear this with a white, sheer, Victorian style shirt underneath.  Parfait!
4. Oh I think I've found my winter coat... Not like I can afford it, but I can pretend.  I must like this one a lot as it doesn't have a hood but I still want it.  I'll just have to buy a brolly instead...
5. I saw this in store last week, thought 'Noo' then literally a second later after looking a bit closer at it thought 'OH MAH GOD I love it!'.  I adore the print and how the bottom half is striped.  I can't stop thinking about this top.  HELP.
6. This is sexy.  I like that.  I would team it with a pair of jeans and just a black bra underneath.  Done.

These should all be mine later as I'm planning on winning the lottery tonight.  F.Y.I.
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  1. Love number 5 - the print is amazing. Nice one Zara! Just had a flick through your blog and really like it - have followed you. Check mine out when you have a minute, I'm just starting off :)


    Amy xx

  2. Absoloutly loving that jacket at no.4 - it's fabulous!

    Eda ♥

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