25 November 2012

My whole life waiting for the right time

Studded faux leather jacket, denim dungarees dress & skeleton top: TOPSHOP | Shoes: CONVERSE

This dungarees dress is probably not so easy to dress as I don't want to end up looking like an overgrown child, but I have been wanting to team it with this top ever since I bought it as I was pretty sure they'd go well together, and go well together they do.  Which is perfect for me as the top isn't the easiest item to wear in the world, either.  Fancy that!  Maybe not your standard Sunday outfit for slouching as they both are quite 'out there' pieces, in terms of it gets you a lot of looks off people giving you second glances, but hey, I'm cuh-razyyyy.
Before I bought this top I had wanted a skeleton top for ages so when it came in stock I didn't wait to buy it.  And yes, I will wear it all year round as I think it would look equally as good with a pair of denim cut-offs as it would with a pair of leather trousers.  I will also get a lot of wear out of the dress in the summer, too, without the tights and layered over a white shirt.
Today I decided to add the studded jacket to toughen up the look and probably make it look a bit more grown up, heh.  I also brought my red Converse out to play as well as a slick of red lipstick to inject a bit of colour into the outfit.
So there's my outfit today guys.  I spent my Sunday having a lie in, going out for breakfast with my mother (beans and egg on toast is the BOMB) and then popped into town.  I'm now back in my room in Manchester watching 'The X Factor', eagerly waiting for Rihanna's performance.  Will you be watching?  I hope James Arthur wins because he's the only person, ever, from X Factor whose music I would actually buy.  But the fact that I quite fancy him probably plays a part in that.  I'm a sucker for sleeve tattoos...
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  1. Cute jacket! Xo

  2. Great outfit! Love your dungaree dress! Your styled it so well, it goes amazingly with your top! xxx

  3. You look really cute, I love the skeleton top!

  4. That dress is frecking cool, I love how you have styled it x

  5. Ahh i love tatoo sleeves! such a cute dress :) ox

  6. I love the dungarees! I tried to get my hands on it but it sold out! You look lovely xx

  7. love the skeleton top! :)


  8. Love your style hun, red converse make any outfit look way cooler :)

    Check out my blog if you get the chance xx


  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this.