10 November 2012

Mini Urban Outfitters haul

Ganesh print tee, elephant rug & elephant canvas: URBAN OUTFITTERS

I was talking on here the other day about how moving to Manchester has made me explore my style more, but the move has also resulted in me spending more.  A lot more.  A few months ago I hardly ever went into Urban Outfitters because my hometown doesn't have one, but I now regularly go inside the store to have a browse.  I can tell you that it's quickly become one of my favourite high-street brands, and definitely my top place to buy home ware.  Their stuff is so quirky and unique, and although I can't afford nearly as much stuff on there as I'd like to, I think these three are a good place to start.
Now, you may have noticed a recurring theme: elephants.  I bloody love elephants and they're my favourite animal ever since watching a documentary on them at half four in the morning a few months ago.  I think they're beautiful and I am completely in awe of them.  Am I a crazy elephant lady?  Well I've just bought two things with elephants on them for a home which I don't even own, so go figure.
I firstly saw the top in the store and liked it straight away.  I was taught Hinduism a couple of years ago at college and ended up really liking it as a religion, I thought it was really cool how they had all their different gods.  As we was going through them one by one in each lesson, Ganesha stood out to me and ended up being my favourite.  Which is quite convenient, due to the fact that he has an elephant head.  He is widely known as the Remover of Obstacles, and I just think he's a really cool guy.  I also really like the colours on this top, and will wear it a lot from now.
The other two things I spotted online.  After realising that UO do a few pieces of clothing with elephants on, I typed in 'elephant' into the search bar to make sure I could browse them all, and up popped these two.  I adore them both and although I can't put them on display right now, at least I know they're there and won't be kicking myself in ten years because I didn't buy the amazing elephant things from Urban Outfitters.  I think the canvas is beautiful and even better in person, and I thankfully got that in the sale.
So there we are, I'm currently on a spending ban now (after purchasing two things from ASOS, what with their 25% student discount) but I can't wait to add more elephant themed stuff when I get more money, so some time next year...
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  1. I love that rug! I was also naughty and bought stuff from ASOS, oooops

    Julia xx

  2. I love that T-shirt! We ahve recently just got an Urban Outfitters in Southampton to and I love it just wish I could afford to always shop there! xx

  3. Wow, love it all!
    Especially that tee,

    Rosie x

  4. Ah elephants are my favourite animal too! <3 Such a lovely rug, and I love that tee! UO is my guilty pleasure too, if only I wasn't living on a student loan :( Lovely blog, new follower ox

  5. ahhh the rug! I need this for my room. x