21 May 2012

"You look like a big condom in that top"


I've only head this trousers a couple of weeks and I probably already wear them too much, but they are so easy to wear as I can pair them with a simple top and hey-ho I'm ready to go.  They are so comfortable too compared to a pair of skinny jeans which I walk like a robot in, so it's all good in that department.  One of the best things you can have in your wardrobe is a statement item like these as they can just be thrown on with anything!  This top is one of my newest purchases and I decided to wear it as it has a low back and I thought I'd show off my new ink a bit.  Am now especially really loving tops/dresses with low backs at the moment so will undoubtedly be purchasing more in the future!
I've had a nice, chilled weekend, in fact it's still going on today as I have a day off college on Mondays since I finished English, but I've just been revising and seeing family, which is always nice!  (The family, not the revision...) Hopefully the reports are true and England is going to have a heat wave this week!  I'm not sure I even remember what 'heat' means, but it sure sounds good.  Hopefully if we do have one it will carry on into next week because that's when I have a week off college (not like I'm having enough days off already or anything), a bit of nice weather will be welcomed as there's no lying by a pool in a foreign country for me this year!  Unless I win the lottery, which would also be welcomed...
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