27 May 2012

Floral neon

This is my second time wearing these so-ridiculous-they're-brilliant bright jeans, and last time I held back a little and teamed them with a black blazer, a black jumper, black black black.  But this time, yeah, I just went all out.  Well, I'm hardly wearing a neon pink top to match, but to me, this is all out.  It was hot again but since I'm still sunburned (the tan line on my boobs is almost terrifying) *cry whinge sob* I thought it would probably be best to cover up as much as possible.  Yes, it is a little bit girlie with the silly amount of pink and flowers, but I think my loyal pair of Converse helped to tone it down.  I do actually really like this outfit and these jeans are definitely starting to grow on me, JE DETESTE it when I purchase a pair of jeans and they end up being baggy in places (I'm not one for trying clothes on in shops...).  I like the paint-on effect.  You know, when you take them off at the end of the day and your legs are purple because the jeans had cut off the blood circulation thingy to your legs?  Yeah, THEM kind of jeans.
 I've done nothing this weekend which is a bit RUBBISH considering the weather, but Sundays are meant for chillaxing, right?  So maybe I'll learn to enjoy it, but then again I'll probably just spend the day moaning because I'm doing nothing, and then when it comes to choosing what to do, I HAVE NO IDEA.  If only little old Burnley had a zoo/theme park/etc nearby.  Blackpool, WHY YOU SO FAR AWAY?  Hope you have a nice day!
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  1. Wow I love the colours in this outfit and the sheer blouse is so lovely! I must admit I haven't enjoyed the sun as much as I should have so I've prepared a picnic to take to a local park...I live in the middle of nowhere nothing much to do other than have walks and picnics in the countryside...but as you said sundays are most definitely made for chillaxing!


  2. This is such a gorgeous outfit, I love the shirt! I'm tempted to get something neon now too xx