30 May 2012

Walk this way


I wasn't sure what the weather would be like so I went for a kind of in-the-middle outfit, I did have some leggage on show (obviously), but I kept the outfit quite minimal and not-so-summery with the muted colours (apart from the bright red Converse).  Thankfully it did turn out to be sunny so I was fine and dandy, apart from the fact that it was also quite windy, and this skirt is the WORST for windy days, I was using all of my power to hold it down, thankfully I don't think anyone caught a glimpse of my bottom cheeks.  It is so easy to wear with things though and it only cost me fifteen pounds (and that's bloody good for Topshop).  The top is an old purchase which I think I'll still be wearing for, er, ever.  I wouldn't love it as much if it wasn't for the cut-out bits, it just makes the t-shirt that extra bit coo-el.  I get compliments every time I wear it, but sadly I bought it years ago so I don't think it's sold like anywhere now.  But it's okay, I'VE GOT MINE. *smug face* I did warn you the other day that I'd be wearing these Converse a lot, and here I am, wearing them for the third time in a row, which is like totally illegal in the world of fashion blogging.  Don't worry, I'll wear some different shoes tomorrow, although they'll still be Converse, so I guess that's kind of cheating...
I'm at college for one lesson today which isn't too bad, but already in my day I've whacked a kid in the face with my bag and made it cry, so it wasn't off to the best start.  I am also doing a bit CRAP in Chemistry at the moment, which is the thing which will determine whether I go to university or not, so I am working extra extra hard to get my desired result in my exam in a few weeks.  PRAY FOR ME, PEOPLE.
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