26 May 2012

Silver shoes


Please do excuse the ridiculous sunburn, this is the result of sitting outside in the sunshine for an hour (so sue me) and after a bit I started to think 'LEGS, WHY YOU NOT TANNED?' so I went inside and HOLEYGUACAMOLE I was a lobster.  It's about the outfit, people!  Not my pink bits (although I couldn't resist posting the last picture...).
This dress is something which I haven't worn before as I pinched it out of my mum's wardrobe, I think the shape is really flattering and I love cut-out detail on the back of it.  For the majority of the day, though, I did wear an unbuttoned denim shirt over the top to protect myself from spontaneously combusting.  To make the blackness of the dress a bit more summery, though, I added some multi-coloured nails and these oh-my-god-get-on-my-feet-NOW flatforms from ASOS.  I already bought a pair of them in winter (except they were velvet and dark purple) so I knew I'd love them.  I spotted some high school boys laughing at them in the bus station, oh, HOW I WISH THEY APPROVED OF MY SHOES.  I know they're really awesome and I cannot stop looking at them.  I may have temporarily blinded one or two people when the sun reflected off them, but I'm sure if they put themselves in my shoes (hahaha) they'd understand.
On a separate note, I've started reading One Day (a book is necessary in order to enjoy the sunshine, right?) which I wanted to read before the film came out, so I haven't seen it yet.  Have you read it?  I can't wait until it's the summer holiday and I'll have the time to ready a silly amount of books.
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  1. Your a bit like me..only sat out to revise in the sun for an hour and hey presto half of my body is bright red! Love your shoes and the dress by the way, you rock it even as a lobster :)



  2. That dress is so lovely, I love the cut out detail! Ouch your sunburn looks painful! Those shoes are amazing as well

    Julia x

  3. The back of the dress is super pretty :D

  4. I love reading a good book when the suns out, and I love your dress.The back is so pretty and I want your figure!:)


  5. Cuteeeeee dress and I love your nails too!
    LOOK at the sunburn, OUCHHYYY that must hurt a lot :-( xx