26 December 2012

What I got for Christmas

'Make the most of your time on earth' & 'Looking for Alaska': AMAZON

Constellation globe & bulldog print cushion: URBAN OUTFITTERS

Black Converse: AMAZON

Chunky boyfriend watch: RIVER ISLAND

Kiss top: ZARA | Burgundy pompom hat: TOPSHOP

Mini perfume set: GIORGIO ARMANI

'A street cat named Bob', meant to be a silly present off my dad but I am actually looking forward to reading this...

Foot duvets: JOHN LEWIS | Penguin slipper socks: TOPSHOP

Nail varnishes: AVON & RIMMEL | Purple lipstick: KATE MOSS FOR RIMMEL

'The Dark Knight' trilogy boxset & Lana Del Rey 'Born to Die' album: AMAZON


Lady Gaga 'Fame' perfume set: THE PERFUME SHOP

And the presents I get EVERY year:
a hot water bottle and Forrero Cochers!  Yum.

So I thought I'd show you what I got yesterday, as I love seeing what other people received on the day.  I usually get a big present and a few little ones (well, not little), but this year I decided to just not have a big one and just ask for a variety of things.  I have been planning all year to ask for a fancy camera but they're way too expensive so I'm just going to have to save up.
I am so, so pleased with everything and feel extremely lucky to have such a giving family.  You might be surprised that I don't get mostly clothes, it's not intentional, but I spend litterally all of my money on clothes throughout the year, so I guess I take Christmas as an opportunity to get other things I've had me eye on.
I don't have a favourite as i think every single thing is pretty damn awesome, and I will use/eat/wear/whatever everything.  So yeah, I did good!  I had a really nice day with my family just chilling out and eating lots of food, and I'm very thankful to have them.
If you have a christmas haul post, please link me!  I like to have a nosey.  Hope you all had such a good day!
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  1. Loving the cushion and the globe so much!!


  2. Your presents are so nice! You are very lucky :)x

  3. Looks like you got some great gifts, girly! Most jealous of the chocolate, hehehe...I'm British but I live in NYC so I'm deprived of all the delicious chocolate. Luckily my mum went to England right before Christmas so I got some yummy chocolate, but I know it won't last me long enough hahah.

    Ava Tallulah

  4. Lovely gifts! I've heard Looking for Alaska is really good x