16 December 2012

My pick of the best ASOS shoes - 50% off

1. Flatform ankle boots £22.50 | 2. Buckled knee boots £54 FAITH | 3. Spotted high top trainers £32.50 CONVERSE | 4. Patent flatform brogues £28.50 | 5. Studded chelsea boots £33 | 6. Studded western boots £75 PARK LANE | 7. Flatform ankle boots £29

So I discovered yesterday that ASOS have 50% off on some of their shoes - 1720 of them, in fact.  Now I knew I wouldn't be buying any as money is non-existent in my life right now, but I couldn't help having a browse.  It doesn't hurt to pretend, right?  I didn't bother looking at the heels as, even though I can appreciate a sexy shoe heel or not, I'm not a heels kinda' girl.  So I just checked the boxes next to 'flat shoes', 'trainers' and 'boots' and off I went.  Sometimes I can go through pages and not see anything I like, and other times I will be clicking on every other thing and be adding it to my wishlist.  This was one of those times.  ASOS do amazing discounts and they make it really, really, hard to not buy something.  Trust me, I've been there and bought numerous t-shirts.  And then some.  I mean, the studded western boots are still £75, but they have been reduced from £120, which is a puh-ritty big amount, letting you appreciate the price of them much more.
If I was lucky enough to be able to pick one from this lot, I think I'd go for the monochrome brogue flatforms.  They're different to any other shoes I own and would be so versatile - you could team them with a pair of cropped, printed trousers or add a masculine edge to a feminine dress.  Lovely.

Now I'm not sure when this whole 50% off thing finishes, but it's been on for a few days so I'm guessing not for much longer.  Have you bought anything?  Will you be doing?
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  1. I am in love with their shoes, but too bad they don't have half sizes ;(

  2. I love the green one, great pics love them :) xo