3 December 2012

November Recap


Ah, November.  I haven't got bored of winter yet, I'm still in the stage when I wake up and smile because the sun is in the sky and the frost is on the ground.  There's just something very pretty about winter, and it makes me want to get wrapped up, go for a long walk and take lots of pictures.  I can't say I'll be saying the same thing in next month's recap post, though, as it's just now getting to the point where the cold is getting to my feet when I'm outside.  And once my feet are cold, they won't get warm until I'm tucked up in bed hours and hours later.  I am enjoying dressing for the cold, though, and still feel like I can look stylishly snug.  Do you have a favourite look from the ones above?  I would really like to know which!
I hope you all have a lovely December, I am looking forward to putting up the Christmas tree, and finishing uni in a couple of weeks.  Oh, and CHRISTMAS.
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  1. Many a fab outfit! love the metallic dress with the blue converse X

  2. Some amazing outfits from November! They're all great! xxx

  3. I really like the metallic dress, and the maxi skirt.. in love with your snood but my OH doesn't wanna buy me one :/ haha (I'm stingey.. I don't treat myself to anything that costs that much very often)

  4. Love the one with the denim skirt and printed top :) x