10 December 2012

October/November haul

Burgundy t-shirt dress: TOPSHOP

Fairisle knit snood: TOPSHOP

Pom-pom cable knit hats: TOPSHOP

Dusty pink jumper with zips: TOPSHOP

Floral bouquet dress: TOPSHOP

Baroque print tee: ASOS

Ganesha print tee: URBAN OUTFITTERS

Fishnet mesh tee: H&M

Denim dungarees dress: TOPSHOP

Blue velvet maxi skirt: ASOS

Faux leather trousers: RIVER ISLAND

Bones skull top: ZARA

Organza skirt: H&M

(Jurassic Park trilogy, a dinosaur tea towel and a cartoon dinosaur movie, is anyone seeing a running theme in this haul?)

Knitwear, dresses and books, oh my!  Boy oh boy, have I done some shopping.  And may I point out, this is me being "sensible".  I could have easily done a lot more damage.  Very easily, in fact.  After seeing this, though, I somehow don't think I deserve a pat on the back for my efforts.  As the title says, all of this stuff is from the past couple of months, I didn't go crazy and buy it all at once.  I'm definitely pleased with all my purchases, when I watch hauls on Youtube a lot of girls tend to say 'I think I'll take this back', but that never happens to me.  I'm not really an impulse buyer, before I buy things I usually have to think about them first.  For a lot of these items I saw them online, decided I liked them and then went to the store to see if I really liked them (I always did, it never ended well).  As a result, I always end up loving the clothes I buy.  I've discovered I've got to know my style a lot better over the past few months, because there's basically nothing in my wardrobe which I would willingly put on eBay, which is a difference to the piles of clothes I usually build up.  It's a bit of a shame on one hand because I could really do with the cash, but whatever, my wardrobe and I are on very good terms right now.
I'd pick a favourite piece but after looking back, I can't.  I mean, the faux leather pants, I will wear them again and again and again (etc) until it becomes physically impossible to continue wearing them, but then the velvet maxi skirt is such a stand-out piece.  And I got a good eleven pounds off it (ASOS strikes again) which makes me love it even more.  And the fishnet tee from H&M is unlike anything I own, but it's so damn perfect... Oh, I can't bloody choose.  If you have a favourite, do let me know.
I've also been buying a variety of DVDs and books, as well as Rihanna's newest album (obviously).  I receive a 'student support package' off my university which is income based.  Pretty much meaning I get four thousand pounds on my uni card, over the next couple of years, to use at the Student Union shop (which my brother keeps telling me to visit to get him some free chocolate) and also at the Blackwell's bookshop across the road.  I am a book worm, so this is very exciting to me.  Hence why I've gone a bit crazy and bought a wide variety of books.  I haven't got my nose stuck into any of them yet but am sure I will do over the Christmas holiday.  They were also stocking dinosaur tea towels in their Christmas gifts section, which inevitably had to be added to my basket.
I've also bought a fair few Disney DVDs (one cannot beat old school Disney!) as well as some of the newer ones which I saw at the cinema, such as 'Red Lights' and 'Spiderman'.  I am someone who can watch films more than once, so when a movie has an impact on me, I buy it.
And that's it!  Living in Manchester is still proving to be terrible for me, yet is doing wonderful things for my clothes collection.
You win some, you lose some.
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  1. This is a pretty freaking epic haul! Yay, dinosaurs! They're the best! And well; lion king, spider man and Jurassic park are all amazing! Love that they're in the same picture! xxx

  2. Wow this is a very big haul haha, but i love what you have bought! Especially that topshop snood :) xx

  3. the cable knit bobble hats are such an essential, i have tooooooo many hats i love it.
    how much was the baroque print tshirt from asos? it's almost givenchy!

    i went and bought those leather pants after you blogged about them ;) they are PERFECT
    thank you missy

    1. They really are! I have them in three different colours and I wear mine all the time, I mean I have one on now. Inside. That's how I roll.
      Urm it should still be on there, it's originally £18 but I got 25% off so got it for £13.50, apparently you can get 20% off now with 'SAVVYSHOPPER3'? Forgive me if I'm wrong.

      And oooh did you?! I've always wondered if anyone had bought something because they saw it on my blog, that is so cool! So glad you like them, I love mine, I am also wearing them now.
      You are very welcome!

  4. Oh Demi your snood and knits and burgundy Topshop dress are all so wintery and make me want to come and snuggle with you. in a good way of course.xxx

    1. Snuggling is always in a good way! Heh, thank you Katyyy.

  5. I think I actually want everything from this haul!! Haha :-) Loving the knitwear ! xxx