7 December 2012

Can you make it feel like home, if I tell you you're mine

Ganesha tee: URBAN OUTFITTERS | Blue pom pom hat: TOPSHOP | Pleather skater skirt: RIVER ISLAND |
Studded boots: ASOS

It's the weekend, YAY.  Well, for me it is anyway, don't hate 'cause you ain't me.  A simple outfit for a relatively simple finish to the working week, and I actually like it more after seeing these pictures.  I sometimes feel a little too boring when I wear just a skirt and a t-shirt, it feels like the easy option, but after seeing these it's clear that, when you feel like just throwing on a couple of things, you should just go with it.  Plus, my amazing boots (have really fallen back in love with these) help to make the outfit look a little more glam, a little more dressed up.
I do like the colours of the tee with the faux leather material, and I think the loose, baggy fit makes the top look really good when it's tucked in.  I decided to wear mostly black or dark colours so the t-shirt would inevitably be the focal point of the outfit.  I mean, it's too cool to not show off, right?!  I'm such an Urban Outfitters addict now.  Even though I don't have the money for it (or for anywhere) at the moment, I still go to look in when I can and am constantly browsing their website.  I don't really like any other lifestyle brands, but there's nothing I don't like about UO (well, accept maybe their prices... Okay, definitely their prices).  The clothes, the shoes, the underwear, even the visual merchandising.  They just have it spot on for me, and it's definitely encouraging my grungy, quirky style to come out even more.  The thing I love the most, though, is their homeware.  Now, I don't really have a home to decorate right now, but I can't help buying stuff even now.  I have a couple of things from them for Christmas, too... They have a niche, and I like that.  I really wanted the pug Christmas tree topper for this year, but it's sold out.  Damn it...
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!  I'm slowly getting into the festive spirit now.  I mean, I love Christmas (d'uh) but I just haven't got the full feeling yet.  I'm sure that will change once the tree goes up, and when I've seen the Shakin' Stevens video (my favourite) on the music channel, and when I've watched 'Love Actually' for the 36th time.  Saying that, mum and I watched 'A Miracle on 34th Street' yesterday with some Christmassy smelling candles on, so that definitely helped.  Plus, some of my relatives who live in Canada are coming back to England for the holiday, who I haven't seen in years, so that should be really nice to see them.  'Tis the season!

Fra la la la la, la la la laaaaaaaa...
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  1. Love your style Demi - those boots are frikkin fabulous! I'm the same with UO, I love to go in just to look at the stuff and even the displays, it's all so cool and quirky, but definitely don't have the cash to buy anything from there atm!



  2. that elephant tee and those boots!! major love!!

  3. miracle on 34th street is my favourite Christmas film! Think I might have to watch it now, adore that skirt too xx


  4. Lovely outfit! Love your skirt, you look great as always! xxx

  5. Can't get enough of pleather skirts! And the top is really cute; I've not seen it before. Love it all!

    Allie xo

  6. love the skirt


  7. I love Grunge atm and you do it so well! Now following :)

    I'm over at lurchhoundloves.blogspot.co.uk

  8. Love this outfit, the tee is gorgeous! x