15 December 2012

Boyfriend shirt

Oversized checkered shirt: HEARTS & BOWS via ARK (c/o) | Skinny leather trousers: RIVER ISLAND | Glasses: eBay | Shoes: CONVERSE

Sometimes, there's nothing better than the good old big-shirt-skinny-pants combination, maybe you agree, maybe you don't, but I just feel effortlessly cool, and maybe even a little bit sexy, in this ensemble.  Plus, my rule has always, always, been 'if you go baggy on one half, go tight on the other'.  I mean, it just makes sense. I am thoroughly enjoying making my way through my wardrobe and teaming every top I own with these pants.  There's no order to it, I just happen to think 'right, I'm wearing the leather pants today, now just pick the first shirt you see.'  Today, it's this shirt.  A gift from Ark a few months ago, I chose it because I was lacking a checked shirt in my clothes collection (and it's just one of those items that every girl should have, right?) and I liked the oversized look of this one.  It was even bigger before it shrunk in the wash, but let's forget that part.
You might notice a new addition to my face.  No, I didn't listen to the adverts and made a trip to Specsavers, they've actually been passed down from my mother, who bought them for 99p off eBay.  I can't get enough off them and even wear them around the house just to make myself feel cool.  Totally loving the whole geek chic look at the moment, next on the list is some braces.  I think they look great with these leather pants as leather pants aren't usually associated with being geeky, more, erm, fetishy.  So the contrast is definitely there.
I am really enjoying being home.  I've done practically nothing since Thursday, and I am bloody loving it.  I have been doing a lot of baking though, I even started baking at something past midnight last night whilst watching the 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' (AMAZING FILM ok?!) so that was pretty damn good.
Hope you're having a nice weekend!
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  1. So weird, i have this shirt in my asos basket at the moment! Looks great on you xx

  2. Love this on you! I agree with your rule too! x


  3. Great outfit! Love the shirt! xxx