23 December 2012

Till just you and I were just left

Black faux fur gilet: TOPSHOP | Insect skull top: ZARA | Gold quilted skirt: DAISY STREET (c/o) | Shoes: CONVERSE

So I'm finally managing to blog about this skirt.  I went to a blogger's Christmas party held by Daisy Street a few weeks ago, and everyone who attended got to pick one item from their A/W collection which was being shown at the party.  They had some lovely things there (and some insane shoes) but I ended up choosing this skirt.  It does look very similar to the Topshop one which is probably the reason it caught my eye in the first place, but I'm pretty sure even if that wasn't the case I would have ended up picking this item.  The shape is very flattering and body-hugging without being bodycon, the colour is so perfect for the festive season and the quilted effect makes it different to anything else I own.
I decided to try and keep the skirt as the focal point of the outfit by wearing it with dark colours, but I couldn't resist adding the purple Converse which I thought went quite well with the gold metallic colour.  The Chucks and the loose top do make the outfit a lot more casual, but the skirt could so easily be glammed up.  For a Christmas party you could just go crazy and maybe add an embellished tee and a black blazer.
I looove this skirt, and feel very lucky to have gotten it for free, but even if I didn't it's only eighteen bloody pounds.  If you liked the Topshop skirt but missed out on it or couldn't afford it, I would definitely recommend this one.  Besides, it is nearly Christmas after all.  Treat yo' self!
I've had a really nice last few days.  I went to see 'The Lion King' on Wednesday (amazing!), saw 'Life of Pi' on Thursday (I can't even put into words how good), and did the big Christmas shop yesterday then went to see 'The Hobbit' with my dad and brother last night (also very good).  Soooo yeah, done nothing today except took these photos - chill time! - and obviously it's Christmas eve tomorrow, so will be watching lots of Christmas movies or something, and then CHRISTMASSS!  The presents are all under the tree and I am feeling pretty festive.  I will be posting on Christmas day and tomorrow so won't wish you a good one yet, but I do hope you're having a nice Christmas eve-eve!
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  1. great outfit! love the gilet :D

    ellie xxx


  2. Great outfit! Your skirt is lovely! xxx