21 December 2012

A day with me: my mum's birthday!

My card to my mum! (I couldn't find any birthday cards...) This is her type of humour.  I know you're laughing too...
Making sure I haven't forgotten the tickets!
On the bus on our way to Manchester.
'The Lion King'!  Such a beautiful show.
Christmas markets in Manchester.
Really big pan of paella.
I'm sad I didn't buy this Bert hat.  :-(
I don't shop at Ted Baker but I would be much more likely to after seeing this window display.
A nice little hut in the Christmas markets, so festive!
Mine & mum's mulled wine faces.  My first time trying it.  Dat shit is strong, man.
Pretty christmas lights!

It was my mother's birthday on Wednesday and we both had a very lovely day indeed.  We woke up at ten, got ready and then we were off to Manchester at half eleven.  We arrived at about one and then went to Pizza Hut for some very yummy food (I forgot to take a picture, I'd be rubbish if I had Instagram...) which we ate until we couldn't fit anymore in.  We then set off to the Palace Theatre to see 'The Lion King' which started at half two.  I've been to a good few shows in my childhood, but my mum and I haven't been to one for a very long time.  We booked to go a few months ago and were lucky to even get some seats, to be fair.  I'd heard it was really, really, good so even though the tickets were fairly expensive we couldn't miss the opportunity to see it.  And oh man, was it worth it.  Mum and I were literally crying as soon as the woman playing Rafiki came out and sang 'AAAAAAARSENNNNN VENYAAAAAAAAA'.  We didn't know what to expect but we were overwhelmed from the start, the costumes were absolutely amazing and you could really see how hard people had worked to adapt a movie to a theatre show.  The pictures do it no justice so if you like 'The Lion King' (which, as big kids, we totally do) then do go and see it, you will love it!
We then went to the Arndale to do a bit of shopping and then to walk around the Christmas Markets.  I haven't been before so it was nice for me, there's so many and we didn't even get to walk around all of them.  I'm not into any foreign food or anything like that, but I did share some mulled wine with mum.  I haven't tried it before but it made my face tingle and resulted in me pulling some strange expressions (see above picture). 
Once we got back home at about eight we finished off the day by watching 'The Dark Knight Rises' (hellooo Tom Hardy.  And Christian Bale.  And Cillian Murphy.  And Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  Damn, I love that film).  So yeah, we had a really nice day and now we want to go to the theatre much more.  We both really want to see 'Wicked' next year, but them tickets are obviously not too cheap, so we will have to seeee.
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  1. Your mum is a hottie! Hope she had a wonderful birthday.

    1. She will be so chuffed now, haha! She said she did, thank you. :)

  2. Sounds like such a fun birthday trip! I really want to see Wicked too, the book is amazing, and I've heard the musical is incredible.
    Bemsy x

  3. Ahhh happy birthday to your mum! Looks like you had a wonderful time, I've never seen the Lion King or Wicked so I am so jealous! And I've never even tried mulled wine! I know I am a disgrace. Also I hope you enjoyed Tom Hardy and Christian Bale. Nom.

    Gemma x


  4. Amazing pictures! Sounds like your mum had a brilliant birthday! The lion king is absolutely incredible! xxx

  5. Haha - that card! I wish I'd gone to the Manchester christmas market. They have those bert and ernie hats in the nottingham one though, they're hilarious! Glad you both enjoyed the lion king - I saw it a few years back and thought it was fab!!

    Robyn Mayday