25 December 2012

Christmas outfit - MY PYJAMAS! (d'uh)

Dusty pink jumper with zips: TOPSHOP | Pyjama pants: PRIMARK | Shoes: CONVERSE

Did I really just pose in my pyjamas?  Yes, yes I did...
So I thought it would be fun to do a bit of a silly post and show you what I'm wearing today, which obviously is my pyjamas.  I know a lot of you make a big fuss about what you're wearing on Christmas day and use it as an excuse to look all glam, which I can SO understand, but apparently this year I'm using it as an excuse to do the exact opposite.  SO SUE ME.  And I'm not cheating by wearing this jumper, honestly, I really do wear it with these pants to keep all warm and snug.  Plus, it matches pretty damn well with them, right?!
I couldn't help but add some lipstick, I mean, come on, I had to make a little bit of effort.  Maybe if the pyjama trend from this year's summer ever comes back, I will be donning this for a full day at some point.  One can dream.
Please note: the Converse were for practicallity for taking the photos, they will be replaced by some silly looking slippers/wooly christmas socks.
Snug. As. A. Bug.
So that's what I am wearing today, perfect for lounging and eating lots and lots.  I'll talk more about my day when I do a Christmas haul type of post, am still contemplating whether to do that tonight or just leave it for tomorrow?  If you've posted about what you've got for Christmas, please link it!  I loved reading them all last year and can't wait to see what everyone got today.  There will be a few Michael Kors watches, I supsect...
Merry Christmas!  YA' FILTHY ANIMAL.
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  1. haha, love it! Hope you're having a wonderful Christmas! xxx

  2. I love that you posted this! I never get dressed properly on christmas day. Pjs are by far the most comfy and practical wear for such an occasion. Yours are pretty too! :) x