23 October 2012

Dungarees dress

Indigo denim dungarees dress, fairisle knit snood, jewellery & black coated bowling bag: TOPSHOP |
Fine knit jumper: ZARA |

This dress is a new purchase from last week.  I saw it online and it didn't catch my attention within the first second or so like some things do, but I started thinking about it and thought 'Actually, that's quite a unique but versatile piece, and is different from anything which I usually wear', so I added it to my Wishlist.  The next day, what do you know, I'm in Topshop and searching for it.  It wasn't easy to find, but luckily I spotted it, hiding behind some other items on one of the bottom rails.  They didn't have that many, and even more luckily I managed to grab the only one in my size.  I did decide to try it on first, which I never do, if I like something in a picture/on a shelf, I know I am going to like it when it's on me.  And I confess that I think trying things on is too much effort.  But I thought differently about this dress, because it is so different from what I've worn before I had to see if it looked right on, and I actually did really like it.  I know dungarees items are usually more of a hit in summer, but due to the dark, indigo colour I think this is a perfect piece for winter, as well as being adaptable for the summer season.  Bonus.  Fastening this dungarees makes me feel like a kid again, as I remember saying 'No Mummy, I want to do it on my own!' and then being so proud of myself because I succeeded.
Despite that, I am hoping this dress doesn't make me look like an overgrown child (or Mario, who my boyfriend said I looked like...), hence why I chose to wear it with my simple, black knitted top underneath rather than diving in at the deep end and teaming it with a t-shirt.  I do plan to do that at some point, though, so you'll have to watch this space.
The snood is also another new purchase from Saturday which you'll already know if you read yesterday's outfit post.  I am probably going to end up wearing it with eighty percent of my outfits as it is now my ideal accessory for this season.  I kind of want the matching hat, too...
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