18 October 2012


Blue military style shirt, black coated bowling bag & black bowler hat: TOPSHOP |
Black coated skirt: RIVER ISLAND | Shoes: CONVERSE

Oooh new shirt!  I included it in my post the other day when I showed you what I bought from the Topshop sale, and here it is on.  Like I said, I wanted it at its full price so when I saw it reduced to twenty pounds I didn't hesitate to pick it up.  It's not your typical military item due to the complete lack of khaki green, but that's what I like about it as it gives a subtle nod to the trend instead.  I love the mix of shades of blue and I bought it in a size up so it would give the shirt an overized, I-pinched-this-out-of-my-boyfriend's-wardrobe look about it, which is a look I tend to embrace.
I chose to keep the rest of my outfit simple so the focus would be on mah new shirt, cue lots of black pieces.  This skirt is a ridiculously overused piece now as I add it to anything and everything, but I'm simply getting my money's worth, so that's okay.  I decided to add the hat to give the look a femine edge, thus contrasting with the shirt.  I love combining different styles when I get dressed in the morning so I couldn't resist, really.
Although I did decide to keep things simples today I think the shirt would look equally as good when worn with another colour, such as a pair of deep red skinny jeans, or a bright coloured beanie hat.  Watch this space...
So an update on university - the course is still going really well and I am enjoying doing something which I, er, enjoy.  One of my teachers has actually asked me to give a five minute talk on my blog in next week's lesson, in order to introduce the rest of the class to blogging since it really helps your chances of getting a job in the industry nowdays.  Me?  Talking in front of lots of people?  Oh, okayyy... Friday tomorrow, yay!
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  1. wow, you look great in that shirt it really suits you! have fun with the class talk about blogging tomorrow aha! xx


  2. Love that shirt and the colour of those Converse! :-)


  3. Niiiice top!!