30 October 2012

Black & white bouquet

Another day, another new dress.  I checked my bank balance yesterday, though, so I think this will be my last new dress ANYTHING for a while.  It's not good man, not good at all.  I can't complain too much though as it as left me with this lovely dress, as well as half of Topshop.  I added it to my 'Wishlist' on Pinterest the other day, and a mere few hours later I was buying it.  What grabbed my attention was the floral details, which look like you've roughly cut them out and just stuck them on, and as a result I think they look really great contrasted against the very straight, even stripes.  It's not one of the most colourful items, and I'm not someone to shy away from wearing colour, but thanks to this I can now wear it when it's colder, like now, but also when it's summer, minus the tights and the woolly hat of course.  Does anyone else do that?  When they see a piece of clothing they like and want to buy it, they have to put some thought into it first to make sure they can wear it all year round and more than once?  You'd think I'd save lots of money by doing this, but I can't see any clear evidence of that.  Ahem.
I added the faux fur gil├ęt mainly because I couldn't leave the house in just a dress, I ain't that crazy.  Also when wearing that plus the cable knit hat I had taken a simple, floral dress and included it into a snug, autumnal outfit.  Simples.  I also thought the hat and the shoes injected just the right amount of colour into this monochromatic look, giving it a slight twist.
How do you wear dresses for the a/w season?  Maybe you just stay well away and stick to jeans?
Hope you all had a nice weekend, anyway.  I had a long one as it's employability week at my university, which meant I had yesterday off (take that, Monday!).  It's actually been a bit boring today and the only good session was when some final year students told us about their placement at Burberry, Adidas and Mexx.  A placement at Burberry would be a dream, apparently they're very corporate with their staff, but hey, it's BURBERRY, what else can you expect?
Hopefully tomorrow is more fun and interesting, which it should be because brands like ASOS and Arcadia are coming in to give us a speech on placements with them for our third year, so fingers crossed!
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  1. WOW...you look amazing!!!Love love the dress..:)Just found you actually and I'm following immediately..;)Follow me back? :P




  2. the print is so beautiful, and I second that - I'm following!<3
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