27 October 2012

Friday Favourites

I get style inspiration from several places but the main sources of my inspiration are fashion blogs, and without them I wouldn't have started mine. I catch up with them everyday and I don't only admire their pictures but I read what they have to say because I love finding out where they got their inspiration from for that particular outfit. This is where my fashion inspiration has come from this week, so they deserve at least a little bit of credit!

1. Checkered shirt, high-waisted shorts, a bowler hat and a pair of Dr. Martens.  Yep, this is good.  Real good.
2. This reminds me of the Balmain A/W '12 collection, which can only be a good thing.  I need me some of these trousers.
3. If you ever want to pull off dressing similar to a man, which I totally do, then use this look for inspiration.
4. I love the mixture of these two prints.  Simple but effective.
5. Berry colours, pleather collars and statement necklaces are where it's at this winter.  Perfection.
6. I fell in love with this outfit straight away, I kinda' sorta' really want a tartan print scarf, now.
7. Autumn is my favourite season for a lot of things, and one of those is Halloween.  I never thought someone would pull off looking like a skeleton so well, but Kavita definitely does.
8. I suddenly want to buy numerous jackets in different textures and start layering them.  I really like the colour of this green one.  Lovely.
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  1. I included Kavita in my weekly round-up too - doesn't she just look amazing!!
    Love the look of the lady in the photo next to her too. I'm about to fly to New York and this would be totally perfect!

  2. I so love all the pictures and styling, especially the last jacket which is by Isabel Marant, I think x

    Fashion Landscape

  3. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it! :)

  4. I really need a red tartan scarf in my wardrobe, they look great & all wintery!