28 October 2012

Three ways to wear... A checkered shirt

Purple checkered shirt: HEARTS & BOWS via ARK (c/o)

With skinny jeans... Shirts are so versatile simply due to the fact that you can button them up and have the sleeves down one day, and do the exact opposite the next.  The shirt is definitely oversized and looks like you've pinched it off your boyfriend (which is just how I like them to be) so teaming them with skin-hugging skinny jeans seemed like an obvious choice.  Boyish, but cool.
Tied at the waist... If you think the trend of tying your sweater/shirt around your waist had retired, you can think again.  Things like chokers and creepers are having a big comeback, too, so it's obvious that 90s fashion is having a revival this season, which is fine with me.
With Converse & a beanie hat... This look is kept simple and toned down.  The shirt, which hasn't been buttoned all the way to the top and the sleeves have been rolled up, has been tucked into a simple skater skirt.  A beanie hat is a great accessory to add to any outfit, so I would definitely recommend getting your hands on one.
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  1. i love checked shirts, i really need a pair of black skinnies for my red & black one :D x


  2. I've always worn mine with skinnies a la option one but wearing it in the 90's way with denim shorts would be awesome - love 90's style.

  3. my favorite is the last one! very cute :)


  4. great looks! the first is the best! :)