15 July 2012

I got a secret that I wanna show you...

White bow back skater dress: ASOS | Jewellery & bow stocking tights: TOPSHOP | Shoes: CONVERSE

Not to brag or anything but I LOVE this outfit.  When I'm getting dressed I have a tendency to just add things to my outfit, which in this case applies to the tights.  I'm never sure about mixing black tights with a white dress because I suppose it's a much more summer appropriate colour to wear, but because of the stocking style I really love how they look with the dress.  I think all of us has that one (or more) thing which we wear which will undoubtedly make us feel sexy, a slick of red lip lipstick, perhaps?  Well I've decided for me, it's these tights.  The dress is quite feminine and angelic, but the tights immediately make the whole ensemble seem slightly seductive.  I feel like this outfit is very good-girl-gone-bad, and I'm digging it.  The tights definitely get a lot of looks when I wear them, I think people are trying to figure out if they're actual stockings or not, but hey, the more convincing they are, the better.  I'm not sure I'm brave enough to show off some actual stockings, but I'd definitely like to try it some time (think what you will, if I like it, I'm gonna wear it...).  What do you think of stocking tights?  I know they're not for everyone!
I went to see Magic Mike on Friday night, I did enjoy it and it was fun to watch.  Plus, Matthew McConaughey's abs could have a film all on their own.  It wasn't all laughs and stripping but I felt it actually showed a relatively true representation of male strippers (because, you know, I have SO much knowledge on that subject...) so you can't complain I suppose.  The next film I will be seeing is the last Batman which I'm sure will be AMAZING, Christoper Nolan is a bit of a genius isn't he?
Hope you're all having a nice, chilled Sunday!  I'll be watching 'Big Bang Theory' re-runs and reading fashion magazines, what about you?
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  1. i love those gorgeous dresses! seriously want one.. and those tights, deffo good-girl-gone-bad ;D xx


  2. i can see why you love this outfit! want this dress, you have it in black too right? and your tights are hawwwwwwwwwwt! truly are.
    I wanna go see magic mike.. mostly for the naked men! xx

  3. This is such a great outfit, the dress is perfect on you. Love your tights too.

    Jo. x

  4. really want this asos dress, I have a similar asos one in black but it doesn't have the bow detail at the back. I'm also watching episodes of the big bang theory all day haha, I love it. You look lovely!

    Charlotte xoxo

  5. The skater dress really suits you:) Love the jewellery you've put with it x