11 July 2012

Mulberry A/W '12 Campaign


I am a sucker for amazing, unique fashion campaigns, and the child within me screamed with delight when I spotted these images taken from Mulberry's latest one.  Lindsey Wixson takes centre stage in the shots, and I think she was definitely a good choice with her doll-like face.  While I should probably be focusing completely on the clothes, my eyes are drawn immediately to the life size creatures, which definitely transport me into a fantasy world.  The contrast of the magical monsters and smiling Lindsey against the sombre forest setting is one which I love, because it's one which really works.  This will definitely catch people's attention and make them notice compared to your average fashion shots taken in a studio.  I love how it's almost quite humorous with a touch of mystery and fantasy, making the brand seem much more appealing to a wide audience.  To me the colours and the textures of the clothing really remind me of Burberry's winter pieces, but I love Burberry, so I suppose that could be a good thing...?
A bold move for Mulberry, I think, but one that's definitely paid off.  I think this is my favourite campaign of all time.  ALL TIME, PEOPLE.  If my winter days are going to be half as adventurous and fashionable as this, damn, I'll be happy.  What do you think?
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  1. wow. i totally love your blog!
    lindsey wixson and her lovely teeth are amazing on these photos :D
    i follow you. follow me back, pls?
    nessi from hungary