19 July 2012

In a burst of light that blinded every angel

Pastel blue jumper: ARK | Jewellery: TOPSHOP | White skater dress & silver dino flatforms: ASOS

It was hardly hot enough to wear this today, but the sun was shining which never bloody happens anymore so I thought I'd take full advantage (well, I've hardly been sunbathing in a bikini, but you know what I mean).  I've been wearing quite a lot of black recently because it is practically winter, but I thought I'd try and squeeze in at least one more summer outfit before the season vanishes completely.  And what says 'summer' more than pastel shades?  You know, apart from the actual sun...
The most popular ways to wear pastels, going off the S/S '12 runway looks, is to mix pastel colours together, but I prefer teaming one pastel colour with white to give it a bit of an edge and avoiding looking too fluffy and girlie.  I think the silver shoes were a perfect touch and mixed with the colours nicely.  The pastel trend is definitely more of a trend for the girlie girls, and although I'm recently discovering I prefer the sexy gothic looks which are all over the winter fashion shows, sometimes it's nice to have a change.  Plus the trainer-style shoes definitely help to even out the girlishness and give the outfit a sporty twist.  I think a jumper in a pastel shade is a key piece to own  because it's easy to just throw over a dress on those not-so-hot days, but nails and accessories also give a nod to the trend if/when you don't feel like being so 'out there'.  Do you dig pastels this season?  Maybe you've already moved on to shopping for winter pieces, like me...?  Hey, sometimes you've just gotta' think one stop ahead.
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  1. You look lovely!


  2. The color of your sweater is gorgeous. I have the same shoes in black velvet and LOVE them. Super comfy.

    Love your style. I love Pastels but yeah I'm already looking out for next season's items!

    Ava Tallulah
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  3. i'm loving the colour of that jumper! ammmmazing jewellery! :) xx


  4. love the pastel jumper, beaut photos too xx

  5. cool flatforms, I am on the hunt for a pair! xx


  6. This is a cute look! I love skulls!

  7. I love the bright blue of the jumper. I'm definitely with you in that I'm already stocking up for winter! I will probably get tempted with summer dresses and shorts when Christmas comes round haha :)

    Lucy x