2 July 2012

One of these days you'll realise...


This top is a new addition to my wardrobe and one of the first things I wanted to pair it with is these awesomely pink jeans (which were actually a more impressive neon shade before I put them in the wash with a white top, D'OH).  I love the contrast of the colours together and they are both quite light shades (again, D'OH!) so I think they compliment each other really well.  If there's one thing that every fashionista EVERYONE needs this season, it's a pair of coloured jeans (and depending on the colour they can be something you need EVERY season).  From pastels to neons and every other imaginable shade inbetween, literally every retail store on the high street offers their take on this coloured denim trend, so you're spoilt for choice, really!  In my advice it's best to buy cheap - I bought these when they were reduced to £19 - because the more colours you have, the better!  I actually don't own one pair of your standard blue denim jeans anymore, which is appearing to be quite a challenge but it definitely makes me experiment with my outfits more. 
I decided to go a bit out there with this neon(-gone-pastel) pink shade, but if you don't feel brave enough or maybe just aren't crazy for this trend, then electric blue is still a good colour to try because it's still the traditional blue except with a wow factor.  I am discovering that my favourite way to wear this trend is to neutralise the jeans with a neutral coloured top half (see above).  Do you have a pair?  How do/would you wear them?
In other news, well, not much to report actually.  I was a naughty girl and didn't awake until one o' clock this morning, sleeping in is something which I've been getting better at since finishing college, but I feel like any time after twelve is pushing it a bit!  I only have myself to blame though because something I've found out about myself is I love falling to sleep when it's starting to get light and you can hear the birds tweeting, therefore I've not been going to sleep until about half four in the morning, my bad... After I've finished reading my current book and the Christian Grey trilogy I'm hoping to get back into my drawing hobby, so maybe my days will feel a little more productive then!
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  1. i just love those tops! you make me want them more!!!!
    i also love the colour of those neon jeans, you wear them soo well! :) xx


  2. that top looks so good on you!


  3. that peplum top is a little beauty! really suits you :) x

  4. 1 oclock! Haha i admire you, if I sleep in that long though my body clock is ruined forever haha! You look gorgeous the top is lovely and those trousers were a steal for £19!