28 March 2012

Wishful wednesday

I am going through that time again, when you feel guilty for spending a silly amount on clothes because you feel your wardrobe isn't as filled as it should be considering how much you've spent.  I could sit here and say "so I am banning myself from spending for the next few weeks", but I can't make a promise which I know I won't keep.  How do I know this?  Because I am absolutely in love with these Nike hi-tops, for one.  And by buying them I wouldn't have anything but a mere few pounds to my name, maybe I'll put it off for a week or two, but it's only a matter of time until an ASOS 20% discount sneaks into my email inbox, then BOOM.  (Hurry up please.)
Secondly, I have never actually owned the perfect pair of denim cut-offs, which isn't on really because they're like, only the wardrobe staple for every summer.  I love these Topshop ones because a) they're shorter than they should be, b) they're the perfect colour of denim and c) they're high-waisted, which I can't really resist.
This unicorn tee is probably one of the coolest things I've ever seen.  THIS is how you wear a unicorn in your outfit without looking like a five year old girl, ladies: cosmic print and cut-off sleeves mixed in with it.  Et voilà.
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  1. the high wasted mint jeans... beautiful



  2. The mint pants and the tassel shirt... gahhhh! To die for! This was wishful Wendnesday indeed!