26 March 2012

Pastel green


Ooooh am fully embracing the pastel trend this season.  The weather yesterday was pretty insane to say it's March, my dad even complained that it was 'too hot', he's definitely British.  I don't know if you can tell (I've had it for years) but the image on my tee is of Queen in the 'I want to break free' video when they're all dressed up as women, which I bought years ago.  I love a bit of Queen!  I think it was the back that really made me like it as I haven't really seen anything like it before, I've even bought a men's t-shirt since and done the same thing to the back of it to make it more feminine looking. 
Am also wearing my new hi-tops because as I've said before as time goes on I'm liking the sports luxe trend more and more, and seeing as they were only under thirty pounds (pretty good for a pair of shoes, right?) I thought 'why not'.  However the low price is probably explained in the fact that one shoe has a velcro buckle thing, whereas the other shoe doesn't... I was, and still am, completely baffled at it.  I'm gonna assume they're probably not meant to be that way, but is it just my shoes or all the others?!  I didn't buy them in my local Topshop so I can't check, but I still think I'm going to keep them though, I can pull of the whole hip/gangster look with my cool undone velcro thing going on... right? 
Yeeeeah don't answer that.
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  1. that top is awesome! great outfit all together.. the necklace is amazing!