11 January 2012

Wishful wednesday

1. £20 ASOS | 2. £95 OFFICE | 3. £30 RIVER ISLAND | 4. £38 TOPSHOP | 5. £38 MOTEL ROCKS | 6. £49.99 ZARA | 7. £40 RIVER ISLAND

Wanted nothing after Christmas when I had a decent amount of money and now I just want too much.  I've actually been lusting after these Office shoes for a while but £95 is a bit too much for me.  And I blogged about these River Island jeans the other day and seem to like them a bit more every time I see them, maybe because the idea of wearing pajamas outside seems quite comforting.  But alas!  I cannot buy any of these things at the moment, hence the 'wishful'.  I'm saving up for going to London on my birthday with my boyfriend, I've always wanted to go and I will then be able to cross something off my list already, I am so excited!
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