8 January 2012

Wear white

1. £85 Topshop | 2. £36 Wildfox | 3. £28 River Island | 4. £50 Topshop | 5. £10 Mango | 6. £16 ASOS 

Was gonna do an outfit-post today but I dropped my camera at last minute and got the dreaded 'lens error' but I've fixed it now (thanks to some googling) so fingers crossed for tomorrow!
Without a doubt white is going to be my favourite colour to wear next season.  How is wearing black such a big deal when white is so underrated?!  I regret not buying more white pieces this winter and doing the whole winter-whites thing instead of relying on black all the time.  Definitely gonna be buying one of these Topshop dresses when I can and wearing it with some gold accessories.
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  1. Ohh, that ring is truly a dream! <3 Love love love!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  2. I really like white clothes just that I never wear them long...I'm bit messy when it comes to pens and food :D
    but I'd love to have a long white sleeveless shirt for summer ( i think topshop did something similar last summer?)