30 January 2012

How I'd wear it: the pencil skirt

Dun dun dunnnn.
I love skirts.  Floaty, mini, bodycon... If it shows legs, I will take it.  But there's one type which I've been avoiding: the pencil skirt.  I'm a teenager and I don't work in an office, and for these reasons I have assumed, for the past however many years, that pencil skirts aren't allowed anywhere near my wardrobe.  But, fortunately or unfortunately, pencil skirts have been the skirt du jour for the past few seasons.  And seeing as I'm nearly officially a grown up I think now is probably an appropriate time to start looking more grown up.  But this does not mean I want to start looking like I am actually going to the office, if you look at a lot of pencil skirts which are being stocked at the moment they're in a variety of colours.  This Topshop one is the favourite which I've seen, plus it would also tick off the 'print' trend which is going to be big this summer (and every other one).
I'd definitely team it with more toned down items, like grey tees, to keep myself at least a little bit in my comfort zone.  And I can't forget a pair of le Converse! (one doesn't have to look COMPLETELY grown up, right?)  I think they would give the skirt a really interesting twist too, especially in this colour.  *adds to 'must buy' list* I also thought a few accessories would do a great job or bringing out some of the amazing colours in the skirt too, hence the neon pink watch and aqua-blue necklace.
Before you know it, office-workers everywhere will be jealous of the pencil skirts we can wear to a completely casual occasion.  This is probably definitely one of the best investment pieces you could buy...  Now, where's my credit card?
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  1. See, that it is thing. I bought one, but I never wear it b/c it always makes me feel old. I worry I look like a grandma or something!

    1. I know what you mean, I was so certain I wanted to buy one but when I came close to it I talked myself out of it! I think my main worry is it making my legs look too short though. I think a young person can wear it if they get it right though!