18 January 2012

Wishful wednesday

1. MISSGUIDED £9.99 | 2. ASOS £15 | 3. ASOS £38 | 4. TOPSHOP £15 | 5. TOPSHOP £30 | 6. BOOHOO £15 | 7. MISSGUIDED £26.99

Quite a variety of items in my wishlist this week, some wintery things like this dark green dress and some more summery like the backpack.  First of all, I just need to say how much I am in love with this Topshop dress.  It probably doesn't look right to you and the dress actually clashes with itself.  But that is why I love it. I tweeted about it a few days ago and keep just going back to look at it.  I am trying to save up for London but I think Topshop have a 20% student discount on at the moment... Awh man, you have no idea how tempted I am!  And speaking of going to London, this purse is parfait!  It's got a London map on it so kinda killing two birds with one stone with this one.  Been on the search for a new purse too.
The Missguided vest is kind of a substitute for the amazing Christopher Kane gorilla dress which is unbelievably distant from my budget.  And the BooHoo top is a nice piece which follows next season's aquatic trend without making you look like a mermaid.  Winner.
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