12 January 2012

Wine & black mesh


I saw this coat in my local Topshop the other day, it had been reduced from £89 to £40 but decided not to buy it.  Well, until the day after... I kept doubting my decision and so decided to go and get it.  It saves me spending eighty pounds on a coat next winter anyway, right?  So technically I've saved money.  Clever me.
I received this dress for Christmas after seeing it a few months ago and liking it straight away.  The mesh and glitter detail is what drew me in, and I found out it has subtle shoulder pads too which is a plus for me.  This is the first and only thing I own from Motel Rocks at the moment, but I'll definitely buy more from there when I get the chance, they have some lovely stuff.
Full day at college tomorrow but it's Friday so s'all good!  Hopefully I'll catch up with my sleep this weekend, I keep nearly dozing off in my classes... Oops.
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  1. I love your dress! And the colour is gorgeous! :)
    I followed you, I hope you'll follow me back :) <3

    Xoxo, Tina