18 April 2013

Weekly Wishlist: Topshop sale edition

1. Howwwww cool are these?  Not in my size though, my heart cries!
2. This isn't in stock online, but I can still pretend... The colours are lush.
3. I already have a similar skirt but I've worn it that much it's not in great condition, this would be a perfect replacement.
4. Think I'll buy these, mum pointed out the other week how she liked them, so it won't just be me wearing them either!  Cost per wear would be very low.
5. Such a great, simplistic piece.  Ideal for summer.
6. Wanted this when it was full price, am tempted!
7. I have this in black and cannot get enough of it, so it only makes sense to buy this one as well now it's half price.

So there's what I'd buy in the sale, have you/will you be buying anything?  Let me know your finds!


  1. I put the boots in my basket but couldn't bring myself to spend the money when I'm trying to save for my holiday, but they are gorgeous!