16 April 2013

Red leather pants

Grey oversized tank top: ASOS | Red skinny leather pants: RIVER ISLAND | Black studded flatforms & black leather jacket: TOPSHOP

I'm not sure if I can or ever will be able to get away with double leather, but I'm gonna do it anyway.  There's still a lot of haters out there of double denim, and I never shyed away from trying that, sooo...?
As is the rule when wearing double denim: two different shades are essential.  So I must be close to getting away with the leather version if I'm not only wearing two different shades, but two completely different colours?  Had I worn a matching leather jacket then, yes, you'd have every right to wonder what the hell I was doing.

Both the pants and the top are new (as was at least one item in all of my recent posts - I really should do a haul).  I didn't have to put any second thought into buying either of them.  The red leather pants are something which I've wanted ever since I can remember, and in this exact very-nearly-too-bright-for-the-camera shade, so I felt very lucky when I found them.  Oh, and I feel like I'm missing out a vital piece of information... Ah yes, I got them in the sale.  For fifteen pounds.  Oh fashion gods you do treat me well.
I'm not much a tank top wearer, I wore enough of them to make up for a lifetime when I was about thirteen, but the fit of this one is perfection.  It falls in all the right places meaning all my tats are on show (and I didn't hesistate to show that fact...).  I think the grey colour tones down the bright pants really well.  What do you think of the trousers, would you even go there?
Today I tattooed fruit.  It was fun.  And I only got a tiny squirt in the eye once.  I also got my tattoo started on yesterday, so watch this space to see that...


  1. Loving the double leather!

    Rosie x

  2. Hahaha I know exactly what you mean about tank tops aged 13. Up until I was about 16 I think I put a tank top in 99% of outfits, often ruining what would've been a good one, and have avoided them like the plague ever since for fear of getting into the same rut again. This one looks really cool though. The dropped arm holes veer away from mid-noughties territory, don't worry!