18 April 2013

Rocket Man

Gold quilted bomber jacket, rocket t-shirt & black studded flatforms: TOPSHOP | Black pleather skater skirt: RIVER ISLAND

At the time (still now, actually) I didn't have the money to spend on t-shirts which I wanted because 'it has the coolest print I've ever seen!', but, as you can see, I bought it anyway.  Hi, I'm Demi, and I have a serious shopping addiction.  Y'know what though?  Despite constantly having a heavy cloud full of guilt looming over my head, I always thank myself for buying whatever item it may be, because I always wear them.  I mean, if I'm still buying clothes when I can't afford clothes, then I obviously must adore said clothes.  I am getting myself into debt for them, after  all.
One item which I'm especially thankful to past me for is this awesome (REALLY awesome!) t-shirt.  Big high five for me, from me!

I usually wear it with black skinny pants as they're simple and easily go with just about anything.  However I went for the skirt option today.  Not too out there seeing as it's still black - phew! - but makes a nice change.  The bomber jacket maybe was a bit of a risky addition but I think the gold goes really well with the blues and the reds in the print, so that was a good job!  The jacket also subtly matched with my shoes thanks to their gold studs, so it all worked out.  I did think about wearing my grey beanie but if I don't learn to say no to myself then I would wear it every day. 
No, really.