13 April 2013

With a gun in your hand

Sooo I wasn't too sure about this outfit this morning, but me knowing me I knew I'd learn to love it, and after looking at these pictures I do.  Thanks, past me!  The reason for my doubt was, as I said the last time I wore these pants a few days ago, they look a bit like pyjamas, and the baggy, silk material of the top only adds to that.  The materials work very well together, yes, but so do a pair of matching pyjamas, so... Y'know what I'm saying?

Black leather jacket & studded flatforms: TOPSHOP | Lilac t-shirt: RIVER ISLAND | Stripey pants: ZARA

Saying that, I think they do look bloody good together, as in, for daytime wear.  No bed included.  I think the reason I felt reassured is because of the addition of the leather jacket, and then the studded shoes.  They really helped to toughen the whole look up, y'know?  Lilac can be a hard colour to wear for somone like myself who isn't really into girlie colours, and pastel lilac is definitely one of those.  However, when worn with black and these pants which are actually pretty boyish, lilac is working pretty damn well for me and now I want to wear it more often.  Plus, I got the top for £15 in the sale, sooo I couldn't say no really.
Tonight is being spent watching 'The Voice' followed by 'Britain's Got Talent in my jimjams with an Indian takeaway.  Don't hate me because you ain't me!
Hope you're all have a laaaavely weekend.


  1. Haha when I first looked at this I thought ooh they look like pjs haha! You clearly had the same though :) I think it's lovely though!


  2. You look lovely! I loved those striped trousers on you! Your tattoo is gorgeous! x Laura

  3. definitely made the lilac top look great with the pants and leather jacket! love the shoes too they re great x

  4. love the outfit, cute trousers!