9 April 2013

Sports luxe

Gold quilted bomber jacket, oversized jersey tee & black studded flatforms trainers: TOPSHOP | Black skinny leather pants: RIVER ISLAND

I've always said I can't fit my style into one category and that I would adopt completely different style personalities each day, however, after all these years, I think I'm finally learning what I like.  I'm not saying if you asked me to describe my style I could give you a three-worded answer, but I'm realising that there's certain looks which I am swayed towards more than others.  Maybe you've noticed as well if you've been a reader of my blog for a while?  I like grungy, I like sporty casual, and I like androgyous.  Well... at least I've narrowed it down? 
Don't get me wrong, I love a dress as much as the next girl and wearing one makes me feel great, but an outfit like the one I'm wearing today is becoming my go-to.  I've also been on quite the shopping spree over the last week or so, and I've bought much more out-there, statement pieces than I usually would.  This is a new start for my style y'all, so watch this space!

This top is one of my newest purchases, if you haven't already noticed it's the black version of the white t-shirt which I bought a couple of months ago and I happen to be a bit obsessed with.  I'm also waiting for the blue one to come into stock so I can snap that one up as well...  I'm reeeeeeally digging these flatforms which I also bought very recently, and I want them in every colour too.  Please.


  1. LOVE this outfit, bomber and the shoes are perfect! xx


  2. loveeee that top! I wanted the white version too :)

  3. love your style - your so cool!

  4. These shirts are so comfortable and cool as well as light to wear. The coolers are quite pleasing to the eyes as well. Like their thermal counterparts the shirts are on the same level as cross creek 6506 ! Bravo!!!