11 April 2013

Biker chic

I mentioned the other day that since starting my tattooing apprenticeship, despite this being only a few weeks ago, I have been fully embracing black clothes and a more rock chick kind of style.  I've never dressed overly girlie and feminine, so it's been easy to adapt. 
These new biker boots are the perfect alternative to my Converse to switch up my look a bit (but my 10+ pairs are still my babies, you understand).  To be honest with you I've wanted the boots for months now, I didn't have any biker boots and when I set my eyes on these bad boys I knew they had to be mine.  The £55 price tag, however, meant I'd have to risk it and wait.  So waited I did.  And waited.  And kept spending my money on other clothes inbetween the waiting... Apparently I don't understand the term 'saving up for something', whoops.  Buuut look, good things really do come to those who wait!  And for a whole £11 cheaper, thank you ASOS and your temporary (but often) 20% offs, I bloody love 'em. 
If you pay under £50 for a pair of shoes which you know you're gonna wear the hell out of, then it's justified, right?  Well, I'm saying it is, and I know you'll all agree because we're all women which means it's obligatory to love shoes.

Black studded leather jacket, black crop top & denim shirt: TOPSHOP | Grey beanie hat: TOPMAN | Black coated skater skirt: RIVER ISLAND | Black biker boots: ASOS

This was my first time wearing the boots and my first outfit choice was to wear it with all black.  I wasn't sure about the addition of my denim shirt but after asking mum she assured me it was a good choice and that it broke it up a bit.  Add some red lipstick and a beanie and the look is stylish but still has that effortless feel.  I was worried I'd be way too cold in only a leather jacket as well as baring my midriff, but I was actually okay!  Is England finally starting to get a bit warmer?
Ha, I couldn't even type that question with a serious face...
I've just now got back from seeing 'Oblivion' with my dad and my brother.  I didn't have any expectations because I hadn't really seen and trailers, plus I'm not a massive fan of Tom Cruise, however I ended up really liking it, we all did.  It's a really cool, futuristic film and I've never seen anything like it before.  Plus Morgan Freeman was in it and his character was a bad ass mofo, so that helped.


  1. gorg outfit! hope you're enjoying the apprenticeship, sounds awesome!

    amy x

  2. ah you pull this look off so well, loooving the boots on you. Agreed, thats how i persuade myself to buy most things.. 'well i'll wear this nearly everyday sooo...'

  3. My brother bought me that jacket as a surprise for Christmas! I love it :) I really like your red lippy too - great outfit.


  4. Already said i LOVEEE this ;) you look beaut !! xx

  5. Recently found your blog on the interwebs, it's ace dude (as is this outfit)

    Plus love how you're a Manchester student too :D (woo)

    http://thoughtsofastudentscientist.blogspot.co.uk/ xx