13 March 2013

Turtle neck

I cannae belieeeve England is showing no signs of getting warmer.  It's March, I'm not really being unreasonable am I?  I think three months into the year is a suitable time to start getting at least a few degrees warmer.  One bloody good thing I will say about it being cold though, is that I can wear this jumper.  I bought it in the Christmas sales for fifteen squid (bargain with a big, fat, capital 'B'!) and have worn it a few times since then but have only truly realised my love for it in the past couple of days.  One thing's for sure, I'm gonna be wearing this a lot now, up until the point where it's too hot to wear it anymore (if such a point exists).  I didn't wear polo neck things until buying this but I'm a convert, saves you from wearing a scarf/snood anyway!  The navy colour is one which I really enjoy wearing and it's the perfect fit: big and snuggly!

Polo neck umper & black patent loafers: TOPSHOP | Skinny jeans: ZARA | White round sunglasses: ASOS

After putting this outfit on earlier my initial thought was 'Uh I look like a posh, preppy bloke' but I actually really liked that, does this mean I have issues/am a man on the inside?  Nooo, I wouldn't go that far, I think I was just enjoying the change from Converse.  I am in Converse every day.  I'm not exaggerating, if you read my blog you must know this by now.  I like them so much my shoe of choice on my wedding day would be my Chucks, but sometimes, just sometimes, it's nice to go wild and cuh-razy and wear a completely different style of shoe.  I didn't get the round of applause I was expecting when I came downstairs wearing them, but I know it's big deal, 'kay?  Thankfully I haven't been outdoors too much today so my feet didn't get chance to get cold, phew.Today has been spent finishing painting my bedroom so I'll be moving back in tomorrow, since I started living in it it's kept the look which my brother had it as - meaning blue and claret walls, not exactly my taste (although he now has my floral wallpaper, ha) - so I'm looking forward to moving back in and for the space to finally feel like mine.Yesterday me and mum went to my grandma's to start working on the charity my mum wants to start.  It was nice to wake up in the morning with the intention of going off to do some work (uni doesn't really have the same effect).  At such an early stage I wasn't really needed apart from computery stuff, but I found it interesting just sitting and listening to what was going on.  I so hope it works out!

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  1. Oh gosh, you're so right about the weather, it's annoying how one day it's bright and sunny yet still freezing, and the next is thick snow! I love the electric blue jeans and those sunglasses are really cool! Best of luck with your mums charity :) xxx