15 March 2013

Friday Favourites: Picture, Video, Outfit...

I'm thinking of doing a new feature on my blog, I used to do a 'Friday Favourites' post on my blog every week featuring the my pick of the best outfits I'd seen over the past seven days, however apparently I've become much more picky since then and can't find enough outfits in one week.  Since stopping that a few months ago I've recently decided to try a new feature, showing my favourite finds from the week.  I'm thinking of doing things from a few categories each Friday, so maybe I have a favourite Youtube video, song and news article one week, and the next week a picture, a red carpet look and an outfit off someone else's blog.  Is this making sense?  I'm just trying it out today anyway and I'll see how it goes.

Favourite picture(s):
Tom Hardy cuddling a puppy

(Picture source)

Ladies and gentlemen more ladies, I introduce to you the reason I thought about this feature in the first place.  Apparently going on about it on my Twitter wasn't enough for me, so I have to blog about it as well.  If you don't already know, I am in love with Tom Hardy.  Scientists say if you've had a crush for longer than four months then you are in love, SO YES, IT'S TRUE LUV.  I have a serious, serious weakness for tough, bad guys who are soft on the inside, and if you've seen Tom Hardy's roles in movies then you'll know why I have this obsession with him.  HE'S SO PERFECT.  Oh yeah, and I love puppies too, so seeing these pictures gave me a load of feelings I didn't even know I could feel.
The best thing is these are pictures from the set of a new animal-themed crime film he's starring in, which I already know is going to be one of my favourite films ever.

 Favourite outfit:
'Seeing double' by Camille Over The Rainbow

(Picture source)

I fell in lust with this outfit as soon as I saw Camille wearing it, she has one of my favourite styles on the blogosphere but this one she wore is one of the best I've seen, in my opinion.  My style isn't girlie so on paper I probably wouldn't have liked this outfit: ladylike heels and I a frill hem skirt?  Hm, not my thing.  However, seeing it on Camille makes me feel completely differently.  The box style t-shirt, the heavy chain clutch and the unkempt hair give it that perfect masculine touch, plus I adore how the whole look is black.  This. Is. Awesome!  Yep, I could definitely see myself wearing this, whoda funk it?
Favourite fashion find:
Boudoir Lace Lingerie Set from ASOS £28

I featured this on my 'Wishful Wednesday' post this month and I can easily say it's my favourite from my picks.  I am a girl who takes much joy and pleasure from wearing sexy, feminine underwear (as many of you will be also) and I'm a big believer in that a matching pair of underwear can make you feel much better throughout the day, whether someone else is going to see it or not.  This lingerie set from high-street favourite ASOS is one of the most beautiful ones I've ever laid my eyes on, and the price?!  Wow.  The cut-out details are what really attracts me to it. *adds to basket before convincing myself I don't need anymore pretty underwear, repeats x10*

Favourite Youtube Video:
'Hitler finds out about Google Reader'

If you're a blogger then you've most probably heard about Google's plans to scrap Google Reader in July, I haven't started worrying yet so I'm just sitting back and watching everyone else panic at the moment, however bad the situation may be though you can't deny how genius this video is. "Google Reader is more than a daily habit, it's an extension of myself.  I am truly fucked now!"
Effing. Hilarious.

So there are my favourites from this week!  What do you think of this new feature, is it a bit all over the place?  I'd really appreciate your feedback!