20 March 2013

Wishful Wednesday (Topshop edition)

1. This skirt has something about it which appeals to me, I've never worn something like this, ever, but there's just something.  I think maybe the colours?  Would look so good with a loose white t-shirt and some Converse, non?
2. I reeeeeeally want these because of the elephants.  That's it.  Y'know cat lovers buy everything which has a cat on it?  Well I'm the same, but with elephants instead.  They have the dungarees in the same print - swoooon! - but maybe they're a bit too expensive.  These are awesome.  I still can't afford them, but JUST STAY IN STOCK PLZ.
3. This dress really isn't my usual type of thing but I liked it straight away.  Please be mine for summer.
4. I'm really into the whole mesh panel trend since the Alexander Wang collection, so this skirt would be a perfect nod to that.  I'd like to wear lots of white this summer too.
5. The colour of these, and the fit!  Lush.  I'd wear these with a crop top and my loyal Chucks.
6. I think the thing I like most about this is the unusual triangle cut-outs, but it'd be the perfect dress for when it gets warmer.  Plus, if you look reeeeeeeally close, you can see the tiny little zebras.
7. I like monochrome stripes as they look awesome with some red lipstick, how great would this one look with the orange joggers?


  1. I love dress 6! It's so lovely, yet a little bit different too! It really would look awesome when it warms up a little! xxx


  2. i love no.7! You could wear it both during the day or out at night with some sexy red lip and a midi skirt!

    Amy x

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  4. I love love love that cut out dress!

    Julia x

  5. super cute!


  6. Number 7 is gorgeous! Loving anything striped at the moment.